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10,000 Angels – Aaron Thompson

10,000 Angels – Aaron Thompson

Everything I achieve as a professional musician and composer seems to pale when I compare it to the risks, rewards, and lessons of life as a father and husband. Being a dad has influenced all the songs on this album.

My wife, Marian, and I have been married for more than sixteen years. We have been blessed with four amazing kids who give us joy, test our patience, and teach about stewardship. As stewards, we realize that we have been given charge (for a time) of the care, protection, and nourishment of our kids so they grow to be lights on a hill for all to see. We have learned to offer them back to God daily as they head to school and give thanks when they return home. The cover design of the album 10,000 Angels reminds me of who we are called to be as Christians; light to the world!

This album is dedicated to my amazing family: my wife, Marian; my songs, Mark Phillip and Aaron Michael; and my daughters, Madison Leah Dawn and Damaris Erin Sarah. You are the light to the world and salt for the earth and little angels around our table.

I originally wrote 10,000 Angels for Tom Peterson of Virtue Media for the Catholics Come Home media campaign.  They didn’t’ end up using it in the final edit, but God has blessed it and is using it to touch the hearts of many fallen-away Catholics and people of all faiths yearning for a relationship with God. If you have fallen away from church and your relationship with God, know that you can come back today.  Check out the Web site:

I dedicate Rise Up In Splendor to Cyprian Consiglio, as it was inspired by your style and excellence many years ago.

I dedicate Wings to my girls: Madison; her sister, Damaris; and our goddaughter, Mary Yeager. Our daughter Madison has asked us many questions over the years.  Two I will never forget are: “Daddy, who will I marry when I grow up?” and “Will you help me find a husband?”  We are still not always fully sure how to answer those questions, but we will help guide you in your vocation and do our best to teach you about mercy, character, and truth.  Let’s make those wings strong.

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