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Forever Changed – Ed Bolduc

    Forever Changed – Ed BolducĀ EdBolduc400

    Retreats have been a very important part of our ministry at St. Ann’s LIFE TEEN. These songs were never written to be recorded. They are all Ed Bolduc original compositions that were theme songs for various retreats with teenagers.

    As we were getting ready for retreat, we would ask Ed to write a new song. These unique songs are many teen’s prayers. They were written with retreat session themes in mind to reach the lives of the teens on that specific weekend. After we got back from retreat these songs were rarely played. Over the years, we played around with the idea of recording these songs so the teens and families who participated and brought life to every song could experience them again. It is our prayer that through listening, praying and experiencing these songs, your life may be forever changed.

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    Craig ColsonHigher Praise – Craig Colson