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Danielle Rose
Danielle Rose
Grew up in
Duluth, Minnesota
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Danielle Rose  Biography

Danielle Rose

Danielle Rose is a 2002 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where she received undergraduate degrees in music and theology. At the age of 17, she traveled to Delhi, India to volunteer with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. This experience gave her a desire to serve the poorest of the poor by offering her gift of music as a means of alleviating the spiritual poverty of America. Her debut album, Defining Beauty, was released in 2001 by World Library Publications.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Danielle Rose began traveling the globe as a music missionary in order to spread the Gospel through a joyful witness of story and song. Whether she was ministering to one million people at World Youth Day in Toronto, or twenty teenagers in her hometown of Duluth, Minnesota, Danielle encouraged and challenged every soul to form a relationship with the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus through the heart of Mary.

In 2004, Danielle received the personal blessing of Pope John Paul II when she presented him with her second album, Mysteries, a collection of meditations upon the twenty mysteries of the rosary. She promised the Holy Father, “I am your messenger to the young people to take up the rosary once again.”

She received a Unity Award from the United Catholic Music and Video Association (UCMVA) as Female Vocalist of the Year in 2005. One year later she recorded her third album, I Thirst, a musical tribute to the life and work of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

In August 2007, Danielle accepted Jesus’ invitation to enter the convent to discern a religious vocation. Immediately before her entrance, Danielle recorded her fourth album, Pursue Me, which describes the journey of accepting the call to discernment. After more than two years of formation in the convent (it’s a six to ten-year process of discernment before final vows), Danielle came to a successful discernment with her community: the Lord was calling her to follow Him in a different way.

Seeking at every turn only to heed His voice and to do His will, Danielle left the convent in November 2009. This journey of surrender and obedience taught her more deeply than ever that loving God and doing His will is more important than anything else. With this new understanding, Danielle has joyfully accepted Jesus’ invitation to continue sharing His Song for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Recordings and Sample Music:

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  I_Thirst  Mysteries Saint_that_is_Just_Me   Defining_Beauty




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A Love Song from Jesus | A Mother’s Song | Abraham’s Offering | Anointing at Bethany | Be God’s | Black Hole of Truth | Bleed to Heal | Defining Beauty | Easter Morning | Follow Me | Gates of Heaven | Give and Take | God Is | Hail Mary | Holiness is Faithfulness | Holy Family | I Thirst | If I Touch Him | In the Silence of the Heart | Let Me Be Your Bethlehem | Litany of Humility | Love Until It Hurts | Lullaby for My Savior | Mary’s Heart | Memorare | No Greater Love | Nothing Compares to You | Of My Free Will | One Day Love Came to Me | Psalm 139 (Wonderfully Made) | Psalm 88 | Pursue Me | See You in the Eucharist | Shelter Your Name | Shine Through Me | Shine Through Us | Sing a New Song | Small Things with Great Love | Sonrise | Star of Bethlehem | The Finding | The Joy of the Lord | The Kingdom of God is at Hand | The Saint that is Just Me | Walk on Water | You Did it to Me | Your Bride

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