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Rachel Frazier
Rachel Frazier
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Rachel Frazier  Biography

Rachel Frazier


Rachel Frazier is a young gifted musician who wrote the Mass for a New Era at the age of seventeen at the request of her parents, co-directors of music at St. Raphael Parish in Naperville, Illinois. Known in her community as talented young singer/songwriter and musician, Rachel’s Mass setting also captured the hearts and voices of the WLP staff. Rachel’s first liturgical composition beckons to a new generation of young Catholics while maintaining a level of dignity that speaks equally to members of the parish.

Rachel is a multi-talented musician who performs on trumpet, bass (upright and electric), guitar, and drums, and sings in a variety of styles. She spent the past two years in Boston studying songwriting at Berklee College of Music. She’s currently looking to relocate to Columbia College in Chicago to study audio arts/recording.

Recordings and Sample Music:

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Sheet Music:

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Mass for A New Era

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