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Trevor Thomson
Trevor Thomson

Trevor Thomson  Biography

Trevor Thomson has a primary mission of leading others to God’s heart.   Trevor uses song, story and prayer, as the vehicle for worship, meditation and healing.

Born in 1971 and named Trevor Nash Thomson after the musical great, Graham Nash, Trevor’s name seemed to predict his destiny. Trevor attributes his keen ear for vocal harmonies to the music his mother listened to when he was a child—Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.

As a teenager Trevor excelled at the guitar and, after joining a school choir, was quickly discovered as having exceptional vocal ability. After high school, Trevor pursued a degree in music and worked part-time as a worship leader at his church. In 1999, Trevor gained national recognition with the release of In This Place, an album of original music. He then began performing at events all over the United States. His sophomore album, Before You, followed in 2000.

Trevor has many albums available as well as many songs available from a variety of Catholic publishers, now including World Library Publications. These songs have come from twenty five years of active ministry.  All of this work has come from a deep place of prayer and surrender, pointing the listener to the realization that we are all loved immensely by our Almighty Creator.

Trevor feels that the gifts given to us by God must be returned in a good way; always pointing back to the Giver.  “We are not good because of what we have or what we do, we are good because the Creator loves us with an unending, unexplained love; calling us his beloved.”

May you find blessings in the ordinary and may you find Christ on the road on which you walk.
Mateek xara, ikreevish. (May you live to get old.)

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