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John Angotti
John Angotti
Grew up in
Memphis, TN
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John Angotti

John Angotti is a full time music missionary who travels throughout many parts of the world providing inspirational music and witness to all ages through concerts, workshops, retreats, missions, conferences, and worship. He is originally from Clarksburg, WV and now resides in Memphis, TN with his wife and two children. He is a graduate of West Virginia University, and the US Military School of Music, where he was a member of the US Navy Band as lead vocalist.

John’s message is clear: There is hope, healing, and truth with the love of God. This message not only extends to church-goers, but also to those in the world who have not been reached by a liturgical worship or Christian music experience. With the style of today and the truth of the ancient, Angotti expresses hope and love for those longing for a deeper relationship with God. “My passion these days is to not only provide music for worship, but music that sings of the true witness of my experience of Christ in my life, that leads me to the table in faith. I have found that people relate through both music and testimony. All of us have a cross, even though we try to hide it. But there is no hiding place from God who is with us all the time.”

With the style and likes of Billy Joel and Elton John, John Angotti delivers a dynamic blend of contemporary styles and meaningful lyrics, leading him to be granted awards for “Male Vocalist of the Year,” “Pop/Contemporary,” and “Praise and Worship Album of the Year.” His powerful voice and writing style includes contemporary rock, pop, and Latin rhythms, along with his ability to give new life to traditional classic in chant and classical genres.


Recordings and Sample Music:

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 Today_Angotti_4C_CompvaoIt's Time to Get Up_008262_4C SeeThroughEyesofLove  ExtraordinaryLove CD_Page_1  Angotti Live CD  Common Ground CD    hope_sets_the_world_afire_small  I Believe CD  Joy Beyond Our Dreams CD   Stand in the Light CD  Testify CD  We_Gather_in_Love_CD  Welcome Home CD  JOB - The NOW Testament - John Angotti

Pandora Station:



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 Sheet Music:

Lead Sheets

All the Earth Adores YouArise, O Church, Arise | Ave Maria, Madre de Dios | Be With Me, Lord | Change Us, O God | Come to Me | Deeper | Enter | Extraordinary Love | Fear Is Not an Option | Feed My Lambs | For You I Long | Go Spread the Message | God is Good All the Time | Hold On | Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me | Hope Sets the World AfireI Believe Because You Loved Me | I Wanna Offer Love | I’m Just Sayin’ | In God Alone | In the Arms of Jesus | It’s Time to Get UpJesus Reigns | Lead Me, O Lord | Living Feast | Mass of RejoicingMy Door is Open | My Redeemer | No Greater Love | Return to God | Risen From the Dead | See Through the Eyes of Love | Something Beautiful | Stand in the Light | There’s a Presence | This Is My Beloved Son | This Is the Day: Psalm 118 |  We Gather As the Body of Christ | We Gather in Love | What I Have Done for You | Whatever You Do | Worthy Is the Lamb | You Will Draw Water

Octavo and/or Click & Print

All the Earth Adores You | Alle, Alle | Alleluia, Sing to Jesus | Arise, O Church, Arise | Ave Maria, Madre de Dios | Be With Me, Lord | Benedictus: The Rising Sun | By Name I Have Called You | Canticle of Daniel | Come and Follow Me | Come and Gather | Come to Me | Come to the Table | Come, Holy Spirit | Come, Lord Jesus | Common Ground | Everlasting Love | Father, We Thank Thee | Feed My Lambs | Go Spread the Message | He is Risen | Here I Am | Hold On | I Send You Out | I Survive | I Will Rise and Go to My Father | In God Alone | In the Arms of Jesus | Jesus | Jesus Reigns | Joy Beyond Our Dreams | Living Feast | Lord, Make Us Turn to You | Make Me a Channel of Your Peace | Mass of Rejoicing | No Greater Love | On a Journey Together | Open Wide the Doors | Return to God | Rise Up, My People | Risen From the Dead | Seek and You Will Find | Send Our Your Spirit, Lord | Sing Alleluia! | Sing Hosanna to Our King | Something Beautiful | Stand in the Light | Teach Us How to Pray | Thanks and Praise | This Is the Day: Psalm 118 | Today | Unless a Grain of Wheat | Veni, Creator Spiritus | We Await You, O Lord | We Gather As the Body of Christ | We Gather in Love | We Will Be the Light/Seremos la Luz | Welcome Home | What I Have Done For You | Whatever You Do | Worthy Is the Lamb | You Will Draw Water

Full Score:

Mass of Rejoicing


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